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Join the movement for a stronger, more vibrant 99th District. Dave Zimmerman is not just a representative; he’s your ally in navigating the path to a brighter future. Together, let’s build a community that thrives on shared values, integrity, and a commitment to a prosperous tomorrow.

Our goal is to serve the people, parents, and businesses through vigilant spending oversight and the reduction of government overreach.
Dave Zimmerman

A Brief Introduction to Dave Zimmerman

Your voice in the heart of Pennsylvania's 99th District.

As your State Representative, Dave Zimmerman is not just a politician – he's your neighbor, your ally, and your voice in Harrisburg. He fights for policies that benefit our district and listens to the concerns of our residents. Dave is dedicated to transparent and accountable representation, ensuring that your voice is heard in the state capital.

Fiscal Fortitude, Economic Prosperity, and Powerful Partnerships: Shaping a Stronger Tomorrow

Foundations for a Flourishing Pennsylvania

Fiscal Responsibility

Securing Tomorrow
Advocating for responsible budgeting and reduced government spending to ensure a balanced and sustainable fiscal policy.

Economic Growth

Fueling Jobs
Supporting pro-business policies, reducing regulatory burdens, and lowering taxes to stimulate economic growth, foster entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities within the state.


Stronger Together
Our partners play a crucial role in building a community that thrives on collaboration and collective impact. Discover the strength that comes from partnership as we work together to shape a brighter future for Pennsylvania.
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Seven Key Priorities for Pennsylvania's Future

Family Values

As your representative, I believe in the strength of our families as the backbone of our community. Traditional family values are the bedrock of our society, and I am committed to supporting policies that strengthen marriages, uphold parental rights, and foster a nurturing environment for our children.

I am a staunch advocate for the sanctity of life and individual liberties. From the moment of conception to natural death, every life deserves protection. I am dedicated to safeguarding your right to life and defending the principles of liberty that make our nation exceptional.

Financial Responsibility

As your representative, I believe in a Pennsylvania that manages its finances responsibly and transparently. It’s time to prioritize balanced budgets, ensuring that our state’s resources are allocated wisely for the benefit of all citizens.

We need to take a closer look at state agency spending. I’m committed to reining in unnecessary expenditures, promoting efficiency, and holding agencies accountable for their financial decisions.

It’s high time we put an end to state agencies fundraising through fines. Let’s explore fair and transparent ways to generate revenue without burdening our hardworking citizens.

Unfunded mandates place undue strain on local governments. I stand against such practices, advocating for policies that align financial responsibilities with available resources.

Living within our means is not just a principle; it’s a commitment. I pledge to uphold the idea of not spending more than we generate, fostering a sustainable financial framework for the long-term prosperity of Pennsylvania.

Together, let’s build a financially responsible future for our great state, where every taxpayer’s dollar is spent wisely, and our economy thrives on sound fiscal principles.

School Choice

Parents should have the freedom to choose the best education for their children. I support school choice initiatives such as charter schools, vouchers, and homeschooling, empowering parents with the ability to shape their children’s educational journey.

Small Business

I understand the challenges faced by our small businesses. As your representative, I work to create a business-friendly environment by reducing regulatory hurdles and lowering taxes. Supporting entrepreneurship is crucial for economic growth and job creation in our community.


Our district’s strength lies in its farming roots. I am committed to advocating for policies that support our farmers, ensuring fair trade agreements, reducing unnecessary government intervention, and promoting the sustainability of our agricultural communities.

Election Integrity

I believe in the importance of secure and transparent elections. As your representative, I support measures like voter ID requirements and comprehensive election audits to maintain the integrity of our democratic process and uphold the trust of our constituents.


The Constitution is the guiding document that shapes our great nation. I am unwavering in my commitment to upholding its principles, advocating for limited government powers, and protecting the individual rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Preserving the original intent of our Founding Fathers is essential for the prosperity of our nation.

Family Values
Financial Responsibility
School Choice
Small Business
Election Integrity
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